East Coast Canna Chef Contest

Grill Master Edition!

January 13-14, 2024

East Coast Canna Chef Contest

Regional Grill Master Edition: Limited to 25 Chef Contestants

Contestant Registration Fee: $75.00 Registration Deadline: December 10, 2023

The East Coast Canna Chef Contest recognizes the top Cannabis Chefs on the East Coast. Our judges include TV Celebrity Chefs, Executive Chefs, and leaders in the cannabis industry. Judges evaluate food entries for taste, presentation, and creativity. Your personal appearance as a chef and general food knowledge will also impact your overall score.

The competitive level for this event is high; be prepared to show us your very best!

JUDGING METRICS: Each culinary element is scored on a 1 to 5 rating scale by five independent judges. The highest average score wins the title.

TASTE (1 to 5 score) – This is what distinguishes a highly-skilled chef from everyone else. Taste judgement includes depth and richness of flavor, balance, and overall texture.
CREATIVITY (1 to 5 score) – One’s uniqueness and use of creativity is another component in choosing a winning dish. A switch up in textures, application, and other unique elements in a dish is a sign of a star chef who wants to stand out from the crowd.

PRESENTATION (1 to 5 score)– Determines whether a dish looks appetizing or not. Aside from general appearance, the presentation also serves as a display of a chef’s artistry and experience in the kitchen. CHEF APPEARANCE & EXPERTISE – Maintain a clean and professional appearance. Know your food and be prepared to answer judges’ questions.


  • Entries must be fully cooked and ready by 1:00pm Sat Jan. 13,2024
  • Chef Contestant Check-in: 9:30 to 10:30am Sat. Jan. 13, 2024
  • Chef contestant winners will be notified by text message and results will be posted on Social Media
  • Awards Ceremony 11:00am on Sunday Jan. 14, 2024

AWARDS: Top Grill Master Chef

1. $300 cash award and Invitation to Nationals

2. Advertisements: Top Chef Accolades

3. Complimentary Vendor Space at future event

AWARDS: Runner-Up Grill Master Chef

1. $150 cash award and Invitation to Nationals

2. Advertisements: Top Chef Accolades

3. Complimentary Vendor Space at future event

Contest Regulations:
  • Chef Contestant Check-in: 9:00am-10:30am on Sat. Jan. 13, 2024
  • Optional early set-up and check-in available 9am-5pm Fri. Jan. 12, 2024
  • Entries must be fully cooked & ready by 1:00pm on Sat. Jan. 13, 2024
  • Late entries may be disqualified at the discretion of the judges
  • Your Entry will be divided among five judges
  • Use a standard size dinner plate or platter for presentation or you may prepare five separate portions for the five judges.
  • It is your choice: offer a single presentation and plate it for the five judges, or prepare five separate portions as your presentation
  • Food handler clothing is required; Hat, Jacket or Apron, and Gloves
  • Each contestant will receive a food prep area with one 8ft table
  • Electricity requests are charged additional $50.00
  • Bring your own Grill; propane, charcoal, or smoker. Bring a fire extinguisher per venue regulations
  • Bring your own 8ft tablecloth, cooking utensils, and service for five judges.
  • Clean and clear your area before the competition begins at 1:00pm. Abandoned property will be discarded on Sunday morning.
  • No branding or other information on the entry. Contestants must remove identifying labels from anything placed on the judge’s table.
  • Submit all ingredients to the judges
  • Contestant recipes should have broad taste appeal
  • Name your dish. Do not use company name or other personally identifying information
  • Infusions are optional and must be limited to 0.03% or less, not to exceed legal limits.
  • Each dish must provide enough food for five judges to sample. A minimum two ounce serving portion for five judges is required
  • All cooking will take place at the event
  • Chef assistants are welcome
  • Chefs & Assistants receive complimentary passes to the event